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Authors: Ilian Simeonov, Emil Tonev, Plamen Panev, Tsvetodar Markov 

Cameraman: Ivan Varimezov 

Composer: Theodosii Spassov 

Their thoughts shared: Plamen Panev, Kolyo Karamfilov, Marius Kurkinsky, Ayman Ahmed, Borislav Stoilov, Vladimir Shishkov, Petar Zmiycharov, Alexander Morfov, Zlatin Radev, Lyuben Chatalov, Madlen Cholakova, Nikolay Tanev, Georgi Anastasov, Tsvetodar Markov, Vladimir Velev, Rosen Markovsky, Nevena Delinska, Marina Chamurkova, Emil Tonev, Ilian Simeonov 

Producer: Blazo Nikolic

       In the winter of 1997 Bulgaria falls into a deep political and financial crisis. Big cities are flooded with protesters, streets and roads are blocked, the state is in chaos... In those turbulent times Ilian Simeonov and Emil Tonev after the idea of Tsvetodar Markov and Plamen Panev produce the documentary "I Have an Idea". The 53-minute long film is well accepted by the audience and receives a number of awards. Today, more than 15 years later with the help of the montage editor Martin Zahariev we transferred the material into a digital medium. I decided that it is about time to share with the audience some other thoughts and ideas that we were unable to include in the original film due to its form. 


       Why do you think I was not allowed to speak at the protest yesterday evening! I went there to share a few words, I had dressed in my best clothes! Because the first thing I would have said is how great it is that all those people are there but those behind me are not the same people they used to be six years ago. If you've noticed they are a bit fatter, a bit oily, they wear better clothes than before... And what infuriates me is this repulsive speculation with gramatics - using the first person plural - "we". It's not "we", we are we and you are you. You should be talking how "we" want to make "your" life better. It's obvious that they are having much better lives than ours, right man? And that it's their fault that we are brought to this misery. You see! I'm sick of tub-thumping! Stefan Savov - this coffin-dodger, you see him appear and speak, Mozer, too! "We..." God, what am I supposed to do - cry from compassion, or what?!  "We live in misery, we this and that" Fu*k you! 

Sasho Morfov, episode I 


Premiere: 2013  

Duration: 69 min.