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Lucette Gautier, or Shoot Now! 

Et Cetera Theatre, Moscow, Russia 

premiere 3 October 2003, Main stage 

redacted version 18 January 2006 




Dramaturg and translator

Set design and costumes 





Georges Feydeau

Alexander Morfov 

Irina Zarevaya 

Alexander Morfov 

Sergey Gritsay 

Alesya Mankovskaya 

155 min., with intermission 

Natalya Blagih, Vladimir Skvortsov, Rushan Iksanov, Tatyana Vladimirova, Aleksey Osipov, Valeria Surkova, Marina Churakova, Andrey Kondakov, Anatoliy Zavyalov, Fedor Urekin, Aleksey Chernyh, Natalya Zhytkova, Sergey Tongur, Grigoriy Starostin, Petr Smidowich, Ludmila Dmitrievna, Angela Belyanskaya 

     The French love comedy by Georges Feydeau in the staging of the talanted originator Alexander Morfov is a bright and extraordinarily joyful experience. The ample music and comstumes create an atmosphere of a Parisian cabaret. Each second brings a new surprise not only to the audience but also to Lucette - a woman on a love journey, thrown in an abyss of absurd, intrigue and emotional exposure. 

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

A frivolous celebration with the taste of French champagne! 

Part I                                                                             Part II 


"Georges Feydeau's play can hardly be called an extraordinary one and any staging is expected to be nothing more than an average theatre production... If not for the brilliant translation by Irina Zarevaya and the masterfully orchestrated acts by the director Alexander Morfov." 

Pork Legs in C Major | Svetlana Osipova, Moskovskiy komsomolets, 06.10.2003

"Morfov always speaks directly, Morfov is always straightforward and if you expect hints, don't enter the hall. On the stage of Et Cetera there is a second stage - one of a Paris cabaret where the leading actress sings. The action takes place on both at the same time because they are equally important. The second stage is an inevitable reminder of the unconditional theatricality of the plot. The viewer keeps being reminded what he sees - actors in their roles." 

Always Positive | Alla Verdy,, 08.10.2003 

"That many gags, somersaults, jokes, ups and downs and crazy pranks could not be found in any productions at any Moscow theatre in the past decade. The playwright wrote a plain but delicate text while the director turned it into an energetic and unexpectedly funny experience, brimming with tricks." 

Shooting by the Special Rules of Order | Aleksey Filippov, Izvestia, 08.10.2003

"Et Cetera systematically builds a repertory image where you can easily discern the lines of theatrical exaggeration and bold comical play. In that sense, Morfov is a true finding. His stage manners are swift, he loves the play, the irony and even the overstated mockery... [This production] is to display the figure of the modern man found in the play of the contemporary playwright Feydeau. A man who is incapable of feeling passion, of acting like a man should do while only being capable of pitty reflection... Morfov expands on the stage one parody after another multiplying Feydeau's work. The cabaret actors turn into clowns and acrobats, they fall down, stumble and change facial expressions within seconds." 

If You Are Shooting - Do It Now! | Natalia Kaminskaya, Kultura, 09.10.2003 


"In Morfov's productions [on the stage of Et Cetera] - the comedies "Lucette Gautier, or Shoot Now!" and "Ubu Roi", the world is whimsical and its inhabitants exist in a furios rhythm, one event replaces another with a, somewhat, superhuman speed. The style is comparable to the traditions of the marionette theatre. Morfov loves the underlined theatricality and that's why his actors are often in an open dialogue with the audience. There are two major findings in "Lucette Gaultier": Charles, Lucette's brother (Valery Pankov), a schizophrenic, patient of dr. Blanche's clinic, and Bouzin, "a clerk at a notary office but a poet by vocation" (Aleksey Chernyh). Both actors balance on the thin line of the exaggerated humour: one of them reminding the magnificent Steve Martin in the classical Hollywood comedy "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels", while the other - a typical character from the early years of cinema, clumsy, pathetic, skinny, red-nosed and wearing a set of foolish glasses. Both actors enter a monkey craze but they do it so honestly that one cannot resist but succumb to their charm. Morfov often reveals his characters fully. Here the Et Cetera actors have talentedly combined authenticity and complete irony to create a peculiar theatre ambience." 

On Some Mysteries | Olga Netupskaya, Planeta Krasota, 01.01.2005