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V. F. Komissarzhevskoy Theatre

St. Petersburg, Russia 

premiere 14 March 2005, Main stage



Director and musical 


Set design

Costumes design 

Light design 


Musical manager



Bertolt Brecht 


Alexander Morfov 

Valentin Svetozarev

Tita Dimova 

Sergey Andriyashin

Andrey Noskov  

Arthur Mkrtchyan 

210 min., with intermission  

Alexandr Bargman, Alexandr Bolshakov, Elena Simonova, Rodion Prihodko, Alexandra Sydoruk, Vladimir Krylov, Elena Andreeva, Margarita Bychkova, Olga Arikova/ Kristina Kuzmina, Egor Bakulin, Ivan Vasilyev, Arthur Mkrtchyan, Anatoliy Gorin, Evgeniy Ivanov, Denis Pyanov, Vyacheslav Miheev, Pavel Lochnin 

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     Sudden and merciless, this rock-production-concert blows up the traditional theatrical ambience and calls for a diversity of reactions in the hall...

     The story of the famous rock singer Baal - it's a collective image for the lives of all rock idols who tragically waste talent and life too soon - Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Mike Naumenko. Godlessness, humiliation, destroyal of all feelings and, finally, death - a sad ending of a hero's life.

     Every actor in this production is not only a drama actor but also a member of a rock band that performs live on stage. Musical and acting improvisations bring a different drive to each performance of the production. 



Toured in Hamburg, Germany, 2007 

Presented at the St. Petersburg Theatre Festival - Dresden, Germany, 2012

Presented at the St. Petersburg Theatre Festival - Beograd, Serbia, 2015

Presented at the XVI International Theatre Festival - Havana, Cuba, 2015





"The production that followed "Dom Juan" by the invited stage director [Alexander Morfov] is already becoming a hit among the wide audience. "Baal" is an amazing creation. Given that the structure is far from complicated, you might get a desire to dismiss all of its sense. There is a ring on the stage and under the ring - a rock band. In this case the live performances and the sport accessory are implications of a high-quality life. Amidst the chaos of Baal you are reached by sudden flashes of inspiration and that's the moment when everything is bound to freeze. Baal is a true monster, he's a genius. The director and the actors manage, without escaping from today's reality, to organically present Baal - who's decades away from us. One of the major questions in the production is about the boundaries of what is permitted which keep being overstepped by the people. "Baal" - a mad show that cannot be subjected to social adaptation but ample with love for life, taming the primordial might of wildlife and fertilising it. Vodka and numerous relations - the adrenaline that raises the creative potential. Morfov has the amazing ability to create a production with a rich and systematical narration, employing the principle of assembly." 

Falling up and down | Marina Barinova, T.P. No. 9, May 2005