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Role: Angel

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Director and scriptwriter: Radoslav Spassov 

Cameraman: Ivan Tonev 

Composer: Bozhidar Petkov  

Cast:  Alexander Morfov, Stoyan Alexiev, Anna-Maria Sekulova, Nikolay Urumov, Radena Valkanova, Nikolay Ishkov, Albena Stavreva, Ivan Grigorov, Chavdar Monov, Nikola Dodov, Dimo Kolarov, Mihail Bilalov, Marius Kurkinski, Alexander Doynov, etc. 

Producer: Boyana Film 

Premiere: 26 February 1993 

Duration: 111 min. 

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       Macedonia, Pirin Mountains, the end of the '40s. Time of terror and conflicts. Angel is trustful and romantic and therefore suitable for manipulation by the authorities. He needs to be given "a legend" so the police (called at the time "militia") is after his closest ones. His love for Stoyka is ruined.

       Allegedly illegally, Angel crosses the Macedonian border and contacts a group of foresters. He drives them into an ambush with Bulgarian authorities. Since that moment his lives in constant fear from retribution.

       Finally, the enlightenment comes. But will it bring expiation of sin and forgiveness? The faith of a man who was born as an angel, who lived as a scoffer and died as a vampire is a tough one...

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