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The Tempest  

Ivan Vazov National Theatre of Bulgaria, Sofia 

premiere 5 October 1996, Main stage  

revised version 30 November 1999 


Stage version & 


Set design

Costumes and masks 




William Shakespeare 


Alexander Morfov

Svetoslav Kokalov  

Petya Stoykova

Assen Avramov

Alexander Iliev 


Boris Lukanov, Renny Vrangova, Krastyo Lafazanov, Yuriy Angelov, Marian Bozukov, Dimitar Rachkov, Hristo Cheshmedzhiev, Teodor Elmazov, Petar Popyordanov 

     A thunderous sea storm throws the the Duke of Milan's ship on the shore of a mysterious deserted island. Deserted, yet inhabited by strange creatures and sounds of unknown origin. It is the kingdom of the mighty but merciful magician Prospero who rules with the help of the airy spirit Ariel. The shipwreck was anything but an accident. 

     To me, in the beginning staging Shakespeare was an act of hooliganism. Big deal it's Shakespeare! I'm staging it as I like, as I feel it rumbling within me. But the further I pervade the Shakespearean territory the more demanding I become of myself - this has grown to an extent that I'm currently struggling to intentionally recover my "irresponsibility" towards the text and to distance myself from unnecessary details and from the readings of the critics. To me, humour is the only approach there is. Self-irony and endless joy from the world is the way I know to make theatre. 

~ Alexander Morfov 



Askeer Annual Theatre Award 1997 

     - Svetoslav Kokalov, Set designer of the Year 

Icarus Award, given by the Union of Bulgarian Actors 1997 

     - Petar Popyordanov, Krastyo Lafazanov - Supporting male role 

     - Excellence in technical realisation 

Ohrid Isis given at the Ohrid Summer Theatre Festival  1997 

     - Best production





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