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2003:   "Journey to Jerusalem", director Ivan Nichev 

2002:   "Blueberry Hill", director Alexander Morfov 

1998:   "After the End of the World", director Ivan Nichev 

1996:   "Emilia's Friends", director Lyudmil Todorov 

1994:   "The Goat Horn", director Nikolay Volev 

1995:   "Elle", director Valeria Sarmiento [French production]

1993:   "Fatal Tenderness", director Rangel Valchanov  

1993:   "A Day for Forgiveness", director Radoslav Spassov 

1990:   "The Love Summer of a Schlep", director Lyudmil Todorov 

1989:   "1952: Ivan and Alexandra", director Ivan Nichev  

1988:   "AkaTaMus", director Georgi Dyulgerov 







2013:   "1997: Unshared Thoughts and Ideas", authors: Ilian Simeonov, Emil Tonev  

1997:   "I Have an Idea", authors: Ilian Simeonov, Emil Tonev 







2009:   "Exiles", director Alexander Morfov 


2007:   "The Adventures of an Arlequin", director Ivan Nichev 

1991:    "Bay Ganyo", director Ivan Nichev, ep. 3, cameo appearance

1987:    "Home for Our Children", director Nedelcho Chernev 





"Ulicata" ["The Street"], Bulgarian National Television, director Stefan Moskov, cameo appearance  



"Exiles", NT Bulgaria, as Makedonsky 

"Life is Beautiful", NT Bulgaria, as the Graveman



* all theatre apperances are situation-based 





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