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LTV: Teatris.ZIP streams online "Finita la Comedia!" and a discussion with the team

     This Saturday, 2-nd September at 21:25, the Latvian TV channel LTV will air the first edition of the sixth season of its show Teatris.ZIP with Dailes Teatris' Finita la Comedia!. A discussion with Alexander Morfov and the team of the production will be held before the performance is screened. Teatris.ZIP aims at building an archive of theatre productions of which 19 are now available online while by the end of this theatre season another 10 will be screened. The show and the discussion are hosted by Ojar Ruben, director of the Latvian National Theatre. 

     Morfov is currently working on his latest production on the stage of Dailes Teatris - his original version of the play "Festen" ["The Celebration"] by Thomas Vinterberg and Mogens Rukov. The premiere is planned for 20-th September. 

The interview in English is accessible in section Reviews,

the video is now accessible online here.

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