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NT Romania visits the Forest Festival in Thessaloniki with "The Tempest"

     "The Tempest" staged at the I. L. Caragiale National Theatre of Romania, Bucharest, is selected for the programme of the 1-st International Forest Theatre Festival organised by the National Theatre of Northern Greece (NTNG). The festival will be held in the open air at one of the most celebrated venues in Thessaloniki area - Dassous Theatro, situated amidst the forest and often hosting theatre productions in the summer season. It will continue from 1-st to 14-th July, while "The Tempest" will be presented on 5-th and 6-th July. The performances will be subtitled in Greek. Productions from Slovenia, Poland, Israel, Spain and Greece are also part of the programme. 

     The selection committee is with members: Savas Patsalidis - lecturer and theatre critic, Maria Tsima - actress and director of the NTNG, and Amalia Kondozanni - playwright and head of the Dramaturgy and International Relations dept. at the NTNG. The 1-st edition of the International Forest Festival is held within the frame of the 3-rd Dassous Festival and sets for a partnership with the Hellenic Festival, presenting the city's audience and guests with the opportunity to witness the most notable actors and achievements in contemporary European theatre, fostering the development of Greek theatre art and establishing Thessaloniki as a Balkan theatre centre.
    Morfov's production stars the renowned actor and current director of Caragiale theatre Ion Caramitru in the role of Prospero. This is the second international selection for "The Tempest" after its success in 2015 when it was presented at the MITEM Festival in Budapest, Hungary. 

Update: gallery from the performances at the venue

The international section of the Forest Festival

is financially supported by the

Operational programme "Central Macedonia". 

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