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Morfov with two productions at MNT Fest - Skopje 

     For the past four years the Macedonian National Theatre in Skopje has been keeping the tradition to hold an international theatre festival in June on its stage hosting productions of all genres and countries.

     This year the IV-th edition of the MNT Fest will include in its programme eight performances from Macedonia, Bulgaria, Serbia and China. 

     Alexander Morfov's productions have a special place in the programme as two of the dates present his works. The premiere "No Man's Land" staged at Macedonian National Theatre will be presented on the opening night of the festival - 3-rd June. "Dom Juan" staged at the National Theatre of Bulgaria will be presented on 8-th June. 

     Part of the programme will also be devoted to children with the production "The Mighty Stork" and "Aladdin's Adventures". The documentary "Right towards the stars" will have a projection. A curious production is "Macbeth", a guest performance from China's Beijing Opera and Hui Opera Institute. The programme will also include a "Balkan Stand Up" with Sashko Kocev and friends and a visiting production from Serbian National Theatre - "Ivanov". 

     By far, Morfov will be the celebrated director with a premiere, a grand opening of the festival and a second visiting show. He enjoys his work on the stage of MNT as do his audience in Macedonia. 

No Man's Land, MNT

Dom Juan, NT Bulgaria

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