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"Life Is Beautiful" at MNT on the World Theatre Day

     The world is celebrating the 55th World Theatre Day on 27th March. As part of the tradition the International Theatre Institute published the message by this year's author - the French actress Isabelle Huppert [excerpts]: 

Тheatre has such a thriving life that it defies space and time.

Theatre is always reborn from its ashes, shedding its previous conventions into new-fangled forms: that is how it stays alive.

World Theatre Day is no ordinary day to be lumped in with the procession of others. It grants us access to an immense space-time continuum.

Тhe stage is a naked scene from an indeterminate time – all it needs is an actor.

I remember a stage director who, before the nightly raising of the curtain, would yell with full-throated firmness ‘Make way for theatre!’

     This evening Morfov's original production "Life Is Beautiful" after Nikolai Erdman's "The Suicide" will be presented at the Macedonian National Theatre in Skopje. MNT will host for a number of his up-coming projects. Follow news section for further information. 

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