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Anniversary: 250th performance of "Exiles", NT Bulgaria

     Yet another anniversary was celebrated on 25th May. "Exiles" turned into an audience's favourite shortly after its premiere in 2004 and has proved to be a symbolic production both for the National's repertory and for Morfov's theatre work in Bulgaria so far.

     This staging of Ivan Vazov' s novel "Homeless and Friendless" marks the theatre's 100th anniversary - a tradition now, as the text was staged in 1904 with the opening of the theatre and in 1954 at its 50th anniversary. 

     Much has been said about Morfov's production. The simplest indisputable fact is that it is the most successful title you can see at the National Theatre of Bulgaria. 




Read more about the production here

exiles morfov

Roussi Chanev is presenting the director to the audience. Apart from being celebrated for his production, that evening Morfov made a couple of cameo appearances during the performance. 

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