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"On the Edge" awarded Askeer 2016 for Best production

       Morfov's "On the Edge" received the Askeer award, given by foundation "Academia Askeer" for high achievements in theatre during the passed season, in the category Best production. 

    For the 26th year the ceremony traditionally take place at the Bulgarian Army Theatre on this evening. The 24th May is the National day of Culture and Slavic Script, celebrating Saints Cyril and Methodius. 

     According to Morfov the production is entirely devoted to our reality. "Everything is now said, even what shouldn't be. It's now time for silence."

On the Edge Morfov

A group of people meet on the roof of the building they live in and witness a friend jump from a roof across the street. They stare into the dirty city, talk about life in desperation. Convinced that their friend took the best decision, they take hands and jump all together. As they fall, passing the worn, ugly facade of the building, a new scene reveals the boxes of soviet panel apartments. People there have hidden from the world, each of them absorbed in his thoughts about an insurmountable personal crisis. Difficult life has taken away the child from its parents, the loved one from his partner, the brother, the friend, or the stranger that you used to greet each morning on your way to work.

"On the Edge" is an emotional common improvisation about what is happening in Bulgaria. It is a requiem for the country, for a disappearing nation. Our nation has existed for 1300 years but is now melting because of brutality, avarice, meanness, weakness and constant opposition. Bulgaria is melting. We are barely surviving in the cynic environment. With “On the Edge” we are expressing our sorrow for the lost traditions, celebrations, continuity – anything we tried to teach our children. Those values are lost and we are faced with inclusion in the Red list of extinguished species.

~ Alexander Morfov

"Ladies and gentlemen, monsters, handicapped and beggars, imbecile nouveaux riches and hipsters! The genius of Alexander Morfov and the actors of the National Theatre's company proudly presents the reality, or "Fuck this country!", or - in short - "On the Edge"."

Ivan Shishiev,, April 2015

video: Yavor Vesselinov 

Read more about the production here

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