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MNT's "No Man's Land" tours in Bulgaria

     The production "No Man's Land" staged by Morfov at the Macedonian National Theatre in Skopje is visiting Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria, this May as the closing event of the Tara-ra-bumbia Theatre Festival. The festival has hosted several productions of the renowned director, including "Enchanted Night" in 2014, and "Life Is Beautiful" last year within the programme of the V-th anniversary edition. 

     Alexander Morfov's version of "No Man's Land" after the screenplay by Danis Tanovic premiered at MNT - Skopje last June, thus opening MNT's local theatre festival. Actors in the leading roles are: Sashko Kocev, Nikola Acesky, Alexander Mihaylovsky. 


A satire against war, a story of life and death. 

Our world is governed by global organisations and controlled media in pursuit of sensationalism and ratings. A metaphor of war that reveals the destructive human nature. 

     In “No Man’s Land” I wanted to fuse the wild beautiful colours of nature with the greyness of war. I craved for contrast. When the first bombs fell over Sarajevo I was forced to contemplate the passing spring and summer both marked by fiery black holes. It’s like projecting a black & white photograph on a Van Gogh painting.

~ Danis Tanovic



19-th May, 19:00 h

N. Vaptsarov Drama Theatre - Blagoevgrad [see in Google maps]

Tickets are available at the theatre's box office. 

     A Bosnian soldier and a Serbian one, engaged in a fierce and bloody ethnic conflict, are torn by deadly hatred. Still, they speak the same language, know the same people, watch the same football matches and the same films. Until recently, these people were sharing joys, sorrows, celebrating holidays together. A third soldier is trapped on top of a mine and his slightest movement will cause an explosion that will kill all three. They are in no man's land. The two enemies are forced to seek help from the United Nations, as neither of the conflicting sides wishes to enter the area in fear of an ambush. A UN executive agrees to bring a sapper to the location. Are those men at war with each other or have they fallen victims of a cynical media PR? The enemy is you, only the name is different. 

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