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Richard Bovnoczki nominated for the Romanian UNITER award for his role in "No Man's Land"

     The nominations for the most prestigious theatre awards in Romania were published yesterday. UNITER awards are given by the Association of Theatre Artists since 1991 and are one of the most important programs of the Union Theatre, initiated and coordinated by Ion Caramitru, current director of the I. L. Caragiale National Theatre in Bucharest. Throughout the years the UNITER Awards Gala ceremony has proved to be among the most significant events in Romanian theatre life. 

     This year the selection committee nominated Richard Bovnoczki in the Leading male role category for his role of Ciki in Morfov's "No Man's Land" on the stage of the Caragiale theatre. Bovnoczki is competing with Andrei Hutuleac, nominated for his role of Mozart in "Amadeus" at the Metropolis theatre in Bucharest, and with Ciprian Nicula, nominated for his role of Christopher in "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time" at the Caragiale theatre. The winner will be decided on 8th May, in the night of the Gala, with a secret vote of the jury. 

     Best of luck! 

Bovnoczk richard

Bovnoczki in the nominated role of Ciki

"No Man's Land", dir. Alexander Morfov

I. L. Caragiale National Theatre

premiere: November 2016, Studio hall

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