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Morfov's "Life Is Beautiful" is the prize-winner of the Fadil Hadzic Festival

     The closing ceremony of the 41-st edition of the Fadil Hadzic Days of Satire festival was held this evening. Traditionally, the festival awards a Big prize to the best production in the programme while other categories are also prized. The winners this year were decided by a jury with members: Bojana Radovic - theatre critic and journalist, Livio Badurina - artist, and Tomislav Zajec - playwright. 

     The Big prize for Best production at the festival was given to Alexander Morfov's "Life Is Beautiful" staged at the Macedonian National Theatre which was presented on 18-th June at the Croatian National Theatre. The production received two more awards. In the category for Best female role the winner was Nikolina Kujaca for her role of Maria Lukanova. The jury also voted with unanimity in the category for Best male role for Nikola Ristanovski for his role of Semyon Podsekalnikov. The whole cast of "Life Is Beautiful" was paid a compliment by the jury for their acting skills and talent. 

The Big prize was received by Dejan Projkovsky, director of the Macedonian National Theatre, and given by Drazen Klaric, manager of Vecernjeg newspaper. 

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