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Premiere: "No Man's Land", Macedonian National Theatre

     The Macedonian National Theatre in Skopje is planning on a premiere. Morfov's latest work will open in the beginning of June. The production is an adapted version of the Oscar-winning film "No Man's Land" by Danis Tanovic. This is Morfov's second production at the MNT , the first being "Life Is Beautiful" after Erdman's "The Suicide" which was hugely appreciated by the audience and prized by the critics. 

     "No Man's Land" is a satire about war. A Bosnian and a Serbian soldiers are enemies, engaged in a fierce and bloody ethnic conflict. A third soldier is trapped on top of a mine and his slightest movement will cause an explosion that will kill all three. "No Man's Land" is where the action takes place. They are signaling for help but neither of the conflicting sides risks to enter the territory. "No Man's Land" is no man's care. The UN have no interest in actually saving the soldiers' lives unless it's worth the media attention. "No Man's Land" is glamorous PR.  

     In “No Man’s Land” I wanted to fuse the wild beautiful colours of nature with the greyness of war. I craved for contrast. When the first bombs fell over Sarajevo I was forced to contemplate the passing spring and summer both marked by fiery black holes. It’s like projecting a black & white photograph on a Van Gogh painting – not even a far resemblance. 

~ Danis Tanovic, scriptwriter and director of the film

Sashko Kocev

actor in one of the

three leading roles

     Morfov is raising the problem in his distinctive rich, dynamic and humorous style, though black humour only serves to reveal the destructivity of human nature.  What has become of the ultimate, ever reliable, peacemakers - are they now just a hollow and hypocritical media image? How do we understand concepts like "man" and "land" today? Or in times of war? Or in just any times, on just any day? 

     The Macedonian National Theatre is a venue that Alexander Morfov fancies. His "Dom Juan" staged at the National Theatre of Bulgaria will tour on its stage a week after the premiere of "No Man's Land" as part of the MNT Fest. 

Read more about "No Man's Land" here

Premiere: 2, 3, 21 and 22 June, MNT Skopje

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