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MNT's "Life Is Beautiful" presented in Budapest

     Alexander Morfov's "Life Is Beautiful" staged at the Macedonian National Theatre in Skopje was presented at the IV-th Madach International Theatre Meetings in Budapest, organised by the National Theatre of Hungary. This is the third time the MITEM Festival hosts Morfov's production after "Dom Juan" (Ivan Vazov National Theatre of Bulgaria) and "The Tempest" (I. L. Caragiale National Theatre of Romania). 

     The festival programme includes productions from more than ten countries around the world - Denmark, Poland, Norway, Sweden, Italy, Lithuania, Latvia and others - staged by renowned directors such as Valery Fokin, David Doiashvili, Thomas Richards, etc. The festival aims at presenting the rich diversity of theatre around the world. As Attila Vidnyánszky, the artistic director of MITEM, expressed it: 

Life Is Beautiful
Life Is Beautiful
Life Is Beautiful
Curtain call

     Theatre is an illustration, a condensed model of human existence. But also, theatre in its dialogical form, can build bridges between peoples - a sophisticated artistic dialogue inspired by their common love for theatre, as it not only gives us the chance to reveal our shared intercultural acquisitions but also helps us to express our identities for a better understanding. 

     "The Suicide" by Nikolai Erdman has never been staged in Hungary. "Life Is Beautiful" is Morfov's original stage version of the play. It was highly appreciated by the audience with a nearly five-minute standing ovation. It was all well deserved as Morfov's productions was awarded the Zlatna Bubamara prize for popularity in Macedonia at the 20-th anniversary ceremony in 2016. It also received two awards - Best male role (for Nikola Ristanovsky) and Best supporting female role (for Biljana Dragichevick), at the 51-st edition of the International Theatre Festival Voydan Chernodrinsky held in Prilep, Macedonia. 

Read more about the festival here.

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