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Anniversary: 150 performances of "Dom Juan", National Theatre of Bulgaria

       Moliere's “Dom Juan” is the deepest, the most philosophical and the most pure of all Dom Juans. There are numerous interpretations after that (I especially like the one by Max Frisch), but they are far from the mythology, the dreams, the problem of Dom Juan. I'm interested in the play not because of the lover, the great seducer, the dream of every woman, the adventurer. This is only an intermission, a decoration, the icing of a much deeper content. Here we see a person who has no addictions and is thoroughly independent from family, religion or society. In XXIst century such a person suffers from a different illness. Personally, I'm attracted to Dom Juan for his ability to possess the ultimate freedom. The same question was raised years ago: what would you do if you were free? When you realize your complete freedom and there is no one to share it with…

Alexander Morfov

Read more about the production here

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