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Premiere: "The Celebration" at Dailes Theatre, Riga

     The premiere of Alexander Morfov's latest production is to take place tomorrow evening at Dailes theatre in Riga, Latvia. "The Celebration" is Morfov's third title on the stage of Dailes after "Finita la comedia!" (2012) and "One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest" (2015). The play is original stage adaptation of the text by Thomas Vinterberg and Mogens Rukov which follows Bo hr. Hansen's film "Festen". The premiere is the opening of the new theatre season for the theatre. 

     "We live in a society that is slowly destroying itself," says Morfov about the production and elaborates for

   This text is a metaphor about the contemporary elite and the contemporary society. If we look at it at a larger scale we can say a lot. We all know that there are secrets kept away from public although the people are aware – hidden links between corporations and mafia. They are never revealed to the whole community. I believe that what is going on today is a horrifying game between society and governing elites – everyone knows something monstrous is happening but probably due to inertia we still keep living our lives as before. It is strange, people often comfort themselves with the idea that it could have been worse. That’s why they keep electing the same idiots, same cretins and even criminals. Unfortunately, it’s a meat grinder – no one has escaped sound and safe from it as the machine has grinded them into a rotting pile of meat. Those who dare to speak the truth are being destroyed or are destroying themselves by closing within their own shell. 


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Andris Vitols, director of Dailes (left),

and Alexander Morfov at the press conference 

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