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MNT's "Life Is Beautiful" presented in Zagreb

     Alexander Morfov's "Life Is Beautiful" staged at the Macedonian National Theatre will be presented in Zagreb, Croatia, this evening. The tour is part of the programme of the 41-st Fadil Hadzic Days of Satire held at the Kerempuh Satirical Theatre.

     The festival was opened this 2-nd June while the jury selected 15 productions for the programme from nearly 50 applications. Among them are shows from Serbia, Slovenia, Germany and Montenegro. According to the jury this year is focused on modern texts and political satire. "Satire overcomes boundaries and raises unpleasant questions, while theatre lets us think about our common problems. [...] The selected productions represent what is happening on Croatian stage and on the theatre stages in the region," - as expressed by the jury members. 

     The festival organisers are expecting more than 300 artists and participants on their stage as the festival is among the hugest in Croatia. It presents productions from all genres and styles. Special attention is paid to Croatian authors, original projects and stage adaptations of classical texts. 

     The director of the Kerempuh Satirical Theatre, Dushko Lushtina, shares that "every year since 1976 theatre has been the best way to advertise satirical and comic literature", promising the audience a very interesting programme in this year's edition.

     The official closing of the festival will be on 21-st June when the prize of the 41-st edition of the Fadil Hadzic Days of Satire will be given by a committee.

     Alexander Morfov's "Life Is Beautiful" which premiered on the stage of the Macedonian National Theatre last April will be presented on the Croatian National Theatre's Main stage. 

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