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Premiere: "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest", Dailes Teatris in Riga, Latvia

       Alexander Morfov’s latest show opens this week. 

       It is a staging of Morfov's original adaptation of Ken Kesey's best-selling novel and Milos Forman's textbook film with the same title starring Jack Nicholson.

       McMurphy was born in freedom. A careless, brutally sincere gambler who one day finds himself in a madhouse where he becomes the most passionate opponent of nurse Ratched. In a system that destroys individuality and supports a mode of dictatorship, a system that reminds a military camp with strict rules that allow prying and messing into one's private world, he finds out that most of the hospital's patients are not simply tolerating the situation but have voluntarily made the choice to obey this system. McMurphy now finds it hard to understand whether he is the mad one or everyone else. He organises both tragic and comic situations and often pays a high price.

       Morfov creates his own structure for the production, extremely visual, where all the stage directing decisions are surprising, not to say never predictable. This is yet another of his productions, characterised by the specific artistic ease and spectacular ambience. He has invented a world that closely intertwines reality and immagination, comedy and tragedy, naivety and seriousness.

       The show fascinates the audience with a bright rainbow of emotions. This is Morfov's second work on the stage of Dailes after "Finita la Comedia" (2012) which became both critics' and audience's favourite with numerous nominations for national theatre awards and prizes. 


"Alexander Morfov is a real

theatre magician with

a fine sense of humor."

- Dailes Teatris 


Date of premiere: 20 March, Main Stage

Dailes Teatris, Riga, Latvia



Read more about the production here

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