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NT Bulgaria's "Life Is Beautiful" tours in Blagoevgrad

     Morfov's production "Life Is Beautiful" after Nikolai Erdman's "The Suicide" staged at the Ivan Vazov National Theatre of Bulgaria was presented tonight as part of the programme of the jubilee V-th edition of the Tara-ra-bumbia festival held annually in Blagoevgrad. The festival hosts productions from all over Bulgaria. 

     The performance was held on the stage of the N. Vaptsarov Drama Theatre and was highly appreciated by the audience who was challenged with the question "What is the sense of it all?". "Each of the characters helps build up the show, adding to the rich experience." - viewers admit, "The production raises many questions that will long linger in the mind". The long applause was a well deserved appreciation of a performance full of laughter through tears, mercy, affection, rage and faithfulness. 

     "The Tara-ra-bumbia festival is a pivotal event in the Cultural calendar of Blagoevgrad," - a small town in Bulgaria mainly recognisable with its rich programme aimed at the young as it is an academic centre of southwest Bulgaria. "The festival adds to the long-term vision of creating a Balkan-scale festival hub in the town. The programme this year includes 17 productions and continues for 9 days. Come and be part of the magic called theatre!" - was the advice found in the opening words of the town's mayor dr. Atanas Kambitov. 

More about the production here

     Semyon Semyonich Podsekalnikov is an ordinary man fighting life's difficulties as best as he can. He shares a household with his wife and her mother. Constant struggle for a proper living brings him to the decision for a suicide. An avalanche of life-enhancing events lead to the realisation that life is worth living under any circumstances. 

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