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Premiere: "On the Edge", Ivan Vazov National Theatre of Bulgaria

video: Ivan Yurukov 

video: Yavor Vesselinov 

       Alexander Morfov’s latest show opens this week. The production is eagerly expected by both theatre critics and audience as it comes as an answer to the political crisis at the theatre in the end of the last year. He rescheduled the staging of “Odysseus” for later times and moved to creating a production that would reveal the injustice taking place in the Bulgarian society. The production is a moral dilemma between staying in Bulgaria to support our poor and neglected people or leaving for a rich country in seek of a better life. It comments the high numbers of young people emigrating abroad to study and never coming back to their fatherland; the social injustice; the moneyless intelligent people who fight life with the very last sparkle that’s left in them. Tragically, one of the answers to the social crisis is truly an escape – from everything. An escape from life itself. 


Dates of premiere: 16, 17, 18, 28 and 29 April, Main Stage

“Ivan Vazov” National Theatre, Bulgaria


Read more about the production here

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