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Alexander Morfov with a new project at Dailes Teatris in Riga 

     Since the end of last month Alexander Morfov has been in Riga, Latvia, rehearsing his third production on the stage of Dailes Teatris. Morfov is working on his original version of the play "Festen" ["The Celebration"] by Thomas Vinterberg and Mogens Rukov. The dramaturgical text is, on its part, a stage adaptation of the acclaimed Bo hr. Hansen's film with the same title. The production stars Ģirts ĶesterisRēzija KalniņaArtūrs Skrastiņš and other actors from the company of Dailes Teatris. 

     "Festen" is an intricately woven metaphor for the compromises some people readily make to preserve a relationship, status and luxury, or, tragically, a reason for living. In a quest for honesty and justice a son raises a glass for his wealthy father's anniversary revealing a shаking family secret supposedly leading to his sibling's suicide. All guests at the fancy celebration are in the position of numb witnesses, their reactions soiled with hypocrisy, hiding a bitter refusal to accept the truth, not wanting it to be the truth since this version of the truth does not benefit their material  interest. 

     The young man's behaviour is reproached by his mother who insists on an apology. And does she get one. In a second speech in stead of taking his words back, the sibling confirms and deepens the shock allowing everyone to know not only the father's faults but also the mother's tacit approval as she has been long aware and, yet, silent, hiding in the illusion of the perfect family.

     Is it worth holding unspoken secrets that lead your own children into a life of despair or even into grave? Have morals lost their value ending up traded for money and power - a brittle icing of a decaying reality? Basic morals, that is. The pretense for prestige seems to have wiped out all that is human about a man, his wife and their guests, favouring the deceitful concept of a posh environment over any moral instinct. Shall we see a rightful payoff or shall we see the messenger punished? 

     "Festen" is an intricately woven metaphor for our modern "society with eyes shut" which keeps throwing away the embarrassing truth on top of a volcano about to erupt in a quiet fear and with a naive fallacy that this is still not the last straw to break the camel's back, hiding in the illusion of the perfect society. 

     Dates of premiere: 20, 21 & 22 September,

Main stage, with intermission, tickets available herе 

     "Festen" is not Morfov's only project in Latvia while being also invited for two productions in Russia. He plans to stage at the national theatres in Romania, Hungary, as well as at the National Theatre of Northern Greece, in Israel, Croatia, etc. This year the director and his works received a number of international prizes confirming that his name is well among the leading stage directors of modern European theatre while his productions are a compliment to any stage. Unfortunately, consecutive work engagements do not permit him to pay due attention to Bulgarian stage for the time being. 

Beginning of rehearsals. Morfov and his company. (c) Dailes Teatris

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