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Online premiere: "Romeo & Juliet" from the stage of Bryancev Youth Theatre

     Morfov's latest premiere - "Romeo & Juliet" at the stage of Bryancev Youth Theatre in St. Petersburg, had only three shows before the world of theatre fell into isolation from its audience. In the state of gradual retrieval we are expecting to fully enjoy our favourite theatre shows without the risk of compromising on our health and safety. Today and tomorrow Morfov's followers all over the world will have the chance to see "Romeo & Juliet" online. 

     It is hardly necessary to repeat this teenage love story. We have all been there but very few of us, if at all, have Shakespeare's magnitude to transform our puppy love into one of the world's largest pieces of dramaturgy, our rebellion against parents and society, our readiness to fight alone against the whole world. As always, Alexander Morfov stages a classical play with modern sounding, quite proximate to the modern young - a generation of eccentric emotionality, endless ways of experiencing the surrounding environment, flexible enrichment of access and revolutionary views on how the world may become a better place. This story is devoted to the generation of YouTube and social networks. 

Premiere: 7, 8 and 29 February,

Bryancev Youth Theatre, St. Petersburg, Russia 

Online event details: 

13.05.2020, 19:00 h, local time (GMT+3) 

The link for online access to the video will be posted 10 min. before beginning of live screening on all social media of the theatre: 

Website | Facebook page | VK  

The video will be accessible online for 24 hours. 

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Аfter William Shakespeare

Set design Semyon Pastuh  

Costumes Nika Velegzhaninova

Choreography Igor Kachaev

Light design Denis Solncev

Cast: Dmitry Kachenko, Anna Slynko, Oleg Senchenko, Fyodor Fedotov, Ivan Stryuk, Aleksey Titkov, Maria Polumogina, Boris Ivushin, Olga Karlenko, Kiril Taskin, Andrey Slepuhin, Konstantin Fedin, Matvey Paksyaikin, Nikita Markovsky, Nikita Ostrikov, Alexandra Ladygina, Maxim Podzin/ Vladimir Chernyshov, Olga Pasternak, Sofia Bolshakova, Aleksey Bondarenko, Polina Vasileva, Vasily Getmanov, Artyom Komarov, Vladimir Podnozov, Katrin Osipova, Rimma Korsakova, Anastasia Obzhigina, Semyon Avralyov 

Read more about the production. 

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