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TV series "Exiles" screened in Moscow

     The TV series "Exiles", produced by the Bulgarian National Television, is to be screened in Moscow as part of the cinema programme "Bulgarian Historical Films in Tretyakovskaya Gallery" devoted to the celebrations of 140-year anniversary since Bulgaria regained national independence. The programme is an initiative of the Bulgarian Cultural Institute in Moscow and presents six films: "Time of Violence" (dir. L. Staykov, 1988), "Liberty or Death" (dir. N. Korabov, 1968), "Julia Vrevskaya" (dir. N. Korabov, 1978), "Heroes of Shipka" (dir. S. Vassilyev, 1955), "Statement" (dir. P. Maslarov, 2008) and, of course, Morfov's "Exiles". It is held between 9 March and 6 April. 

     The TV series "Exiles" premiered  in 2009 and is based on the theatre production with the same title staged by Morfov at the Ivan Vazov National Theatre of Bulgaria in 2004. In 2019 both shall have their anniversaries - 10 years since the creation of the film and 15 years since the premiere of the theatre production. "Exiles" is undoubtedly the most successful theatre show in Bulgaria for the past two decades and has become a landmark for the National Theatre's repertory. They are based on the novel "Homeless-Friendless" by the national poet and writer Ivan Vazov. 

   The national Liberation Day is traditionally celebrated in Bulgaria on 3 March. Having been a sovereign nation with its own distinctive culture and independent government since 681, Bulgaria became part of the Ottoman Empire at the end of the 14-th century and spent five centuries under its rule. In 1878, following the end of the Russo-Turkish War and the signing of the Treaty of San Stefano, Bulgaria regained independence, although, for the time being, partially.

     Towards the second half of 19-th century a number of Bulgarian patriots found refuge Braila, Romania, where they founded the Bulgarian Revolutionary Committee. They were wild-tempered and brave men who proudly called themselves "exiles". They dreamt about returning to their Fatherland and taking part in the war of Bulgarian liberation. 

More about the BCI - Moscow's programme here

More about the TV series "Exiles" here

All four series of the film will be shortly available with English subtitles on Alexander Morfov's YouTube channel


Notice: Please, mind that the quality permitted by YouTube or another free online platform is significantly lower that any cinema screening. 

"Oh, dear brothers... Down here we are homeless and friendless, while our brothers in Bulgaria are a thousand times worse. The people over there is dreadfully screaming in the terror of slavery with nothing to do about it. At least we have freedom. Freedom! And having freedom means having everything! We might continue to suffer and die out in the streets of the Vlachs for a long time to come. But fine! A nation has its sacrifices. Otherwise it`s not a nation. Bulgaria has a whole nation of slaves. Let Her have a few martyrs today. Being an exile means being a martyr, suffering and starving, because we feed on our ideas! Dying, in a word, as a martyr. Ah, it was us! We are the martyrs! Alright then! The more martyrs there are, the better for Bulgaria!"         ~ Strandzha 

[performed by Roussi Chanev]

The screenings will take place as follows: 

Venue: Tretyakovskaya Gallery, Cinema Hall 

               click here for address in Google Maps

Dates: 13 March, 19:00 h, "Exiles", Part I & Part II

              16 March, 19:00 h, "Exiles", Part III & Part IV 

Duration: 50 min. per episode 

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