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Komissarzhevkoy's "The Tempest" celebrates its 300th performance

     The evening of 2nd of May was a special one for any theatre admirer in St. Petersburg. "The Tempest" that premiered in 1998 at the Komissarzhevskoy theatre held its 300th performance. The celebrated production has been on the repertory for nearly eighteen years and has been presented at the most prestigeous international festivals. Throughout the years the team of the production went through a number of cast changes and in this performance Morfov brought all former and present actors from the production's troupe together for a true celebration on stage. 


morfov морфов

I wanted to stage a production of "The Tempest" with new ideas that celebrate the Shakespearean philosophical parables. Sooner or later a moment comes when each of us needs to contemplate - in the deepest philosophical sense - on one's life and what is happening in the world after the big changes. When all idols are overthrown and destroyed. This is namely the time when you have to look into yourself - your past, your present and, if possible, to imagine your future. The character in the play Prospero finds himself at such a turning point. He ponders over the same questions - Who am I? Where am I going? Do I have to do this? And, at the end of it, is this world's objetively existing at all? I think that our only possible salvation is found in subjectivity and contemplation. Because state politics is not giving us a chance, not any hope of salvation.  

~  November 1998

буря комиссаржевской капелюш

More about the production here. 

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