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Premiere: "Life Is Beautiful" at the Macedonian National Theatre

       This evening Morfov's latest show opens on Main stage at the Macedonian National Theatre in Skopje. Erdman's play "The Suicide" inspired Morfov for his original version of the text that is life-enhancing and brings us to the edge of living only to prove that live has to be lived.

     Semyon Semyonich Podsekalnikov is an ordinary man fighting life's difficulties as best as he can. Unfortunately, he has been unsuccessful so far as he is jobless and moneyless. He shares a household with his wife and her mother and conflicts are often, though love and affection are clearly part of this family. Semyon has a dream of which his wife and to some extent his mother-in-law are supportive - he wants to learn to play the tuba. This dream is a promise of a better life, full of money, fame and happiness, but most importantly - a life that will permit him to take good care of his family.


At the pressconference given at Macedonian National Theatre

       Politics has becomes our worst nightmare - a world where people work just for money or just for themselves.We are gradually losing point in living... For that matter I find "Life Is Beautiful" very necessary, something to give to the common man, because he needs this to be able to continue living. You must reach hell before you realise the truly important things in life.

      To me there is nothing more beautiful than the working process being ample with creativity and each day the team surprising one another with new ideas and gags - completely disregarding the critics. What's important is how we feel about it. We've reached a beautiful harmony and I hope this production will be worthy of our work on it. We need to respect the work, the efforts and the desire of the actor to come on stage and show what he can do best.

       "The production works on a number of layers. What's shocking about it is that with each minute passing it makes you happier and happier, but at the end of it - you are both very happy and very sad. Because that's how life is. Alexander Morfov is among the renowned European directors and in this production he presents his original aesthetics. This production fulfills a long time dream and is pivotal event in terms of the Macedonian National Theatre's search for artistic challenges."

~ Dejan Projkovsky, managing director of MNT 

Premiere dates: 10th, 15th and 16th April 2016; Main stage, 20:00 h

Next show: 21st April, Main stage, 20:00 h

Read more about the production here.

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