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Komissarzhevskaya's "Soap Angels" celebrate 100-th anniversary show

     Tonight the Academic Drama Theatre V. F. Komissarzhevskaya will hold the 100-th anniversary show of Morfov's production on its stage "Soap Angels" by Hector Quintero. This is Alexander Morfov's fifth production at Komissarzhevskaya, with premiere in 2009. 

     The action takes place near the Havana port in the eve of the Cuban Revolution. The actors from a travelling circus - the "soap angels" - are trying their luck and buy a lottery ticket which gets them a fully furnished cottage... They give away all the possessions to neighbours and start for a joyful journey to their new life. 

     The sad characters of Quintero can be both funny and serious as their lives are full of both dramatic and comic experiences - from joyful childish sincerity to frightening anger, egoism and love. And there is no point of asking where or when this is happening as it is always happening here and now. 

Do you know how to walk on tightrope? 

Of course, you know how to - otherwise you would have died...

An angels is holding you! 

Each morning after you wake up

you start walking on a very thin string 

keeping a balance between love and hate, nobility and meanness, 

generosity and greed, anger and patience. 

And all around you - spectators. Half of them want you to fall. 

And then there's the other half - those who love you.

Also there are your angels.


More about the production here

"Soap Angels" is a modern story about the common, ordinary people. And people are, undoubtedly, good in their nature. It's a story about how they unwillingly change when the life and happiness of their children are at risk, ready to face any challenge for their sake. It really takes supernatural willpower to preserve one's dignity. 

~ Alexander Morfov 

[...] there is nobody, as it seems, who can love and support one's neighbour like the one who can have a good laugh in the most tragic moment of life, as difficult as it may be. There is a mad, mad world around us and survival is only found through the heroism of the clown mask. Keep smiling, gentlemen, you will neither escape, nor sail away from it. 

Reklama-Chance, 2009

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