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The ultimate chance: Lenkom's "Eclipse" 

     This 16-th March the celebrated production "Eclipse" ["One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest"] after Ken Kesey's novel staged at Lenkom Theatre in Moscow will have its last performance. 

     The artistic director of the theatre, Mark Zacharov, announced that he has made the difficult decision of taking off the theatre's repertory four productions. Among them are "Peer Gynt" and "Walpurgis Night" staged by Zacharov himself, as well as "Boris Godunov" staged by Konstantin Bogomolov and Morfov's "Eclipse". 

     The inevitability of the decision was due to organisational problems in connection with the ever growing number of titles on the repertory. The rich programme of the theatre would not even allow one performance per month for each, as explained by Zacharov. He finds this unacceptable, as such temporal gaps affect the overall quality of any stage work. Moreover, Lenkom is unable to cease production and new shows were also rehearsed or planned. "Actors shouldn't see empty seats in the hall." - adds Zacharov. The manager of the theatre - Mark Varshaver, defines this measure as "production necessity" and admits that for the theatre it is difficult to part with certain titles. 

"Eclipse" premiered in December 2005, nearly thirteen years ago. It stars Alexander Lazarev Jr. doubled by Andrey Sokolov in the leading role of McMurphy. In Bulgaria, the audience can attend the production "One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest" at the Ivan Vazov National Theatre with the brilliant Deyan Donkov in the role of McMurphy. 

     The last performance of Morfov's production on Lenkom's stage is on 16-th March. The hall is sold out well before the date arrives as the rating of the production on the website is the highest one of all Lenkom productions. 

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