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Expect: Morfov's "The Lion in Winter" at Dailes Teatris in Riga

     Alexander Morfov is working on a new title. James Goldman's "The Lion in Winter" has been a long time favourite for the director and the text is now at hand. Morfov has been rehearsing since this October at the stage of Dailes theatre in Riga, Latvia. His resonant and experienced team of actors shall present the intriguing story about power and love. 

     The days before Christmas (1183) King Henry II of England is expecting dangerous guests. His wife Eleanor of Aquitaine is to visit the King's chateau. She does once in a year, temporarily released from prison, where Henry II sent her for plotting against him. His three sons and King Philip II of France shall also join the family celebration. Philip II is hoping to finally marry his sister Alais to the one who shall take the rule over the mighty kingdom. Each of the three sons, though, is holding a conspiracy against the King, allying against all odds and breaking all oaths, in a rival for the throne. A series of plots brings Henry to the understanding that none of his sons is yet ready to take over his duties. The insane perspective of having sons with Alais, who is currently his mistress, emerges as a final hope for a worthy heir. Upon realisation that he is unable to either imprison for life, or kill the treacherous princes, Henry decides to let go of the complicated situation and leave this responsible decision to destiny. Eleanor returns to prison, all guests leave in peace, Christmas is over. Until next winter. Until next hope. Until life permits. 


The Lion in Winter 

Set design Martin Vilkarsis 

Choreographer Inga Krasovska 


30 November, 1 & 2 December 

Costumes Ilze Vitolina 

Dailes Teatris - Riga, Latvia 


(c) Janis Dienats   

Juris Zagars in the role of Henry II   

Rezija Kalnina in the role of Eleanor of Aquitaine   


The production also stars: Artūrs Skrastiņš, Dainis Grūbe, Lauris Dzelzitis, Toms Treinis, Anete Krasovska, Ieva Florence, Aminata Grieta Diarra, Andris Bulis 

Tickets available here 

More about the production here 

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