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Аnother festival tour for MNT's "No Man's Land"

     The production "No Man's Land" staged by Morfov at the Macedonian National Theatre in Skopje is having a busy summer. After two successful tours - in Bulgaria and in Bosnia and Herzegovina, yet another festival performance shall take place in Prilep, Macedonia. The Vojdan Cernodrinsky Macedonian Theatre Festival is held annually in the beginning of June. This year's selection was under the supervision of the festival's director - the actress Katarina Kocevska. It includes twelve shows, among which are the "The Miserables"- a local production of the Vojdan Cernodrinsky Prilep Drama Theatre, Albanian Theatre's "Women", Stip State Theatre's "God of Carnage", Turkish Theatre's "King Lear", and "Burn" - presented by the independent theatre company Artopia. Other theatres to participate in the programme are Theatre of Comedy with "Donnie Dark [Butterflies Are Free]", State Theatre in Strumica with "King Vladislav", Skopje Drama Theatre with "One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest", Skopje Theatre for Children and Youth with "I Built a World", Veles State Theatre with "Ladies' Toilet" and the National Theatre in Bitola with "Doctor Faustus". 

     Vojdan Cernodrinsky Festival has a competitive character with awards given in sixteen categories. In 2016 Alexander Morfov presented his "Life Is Beautiful", staged at MNT, which received the awards for Best male role (Nikola Ristanovsky) and for Best supporting female role (Biljana Dragichevick).

     The performance of "No Man's Land" is planned for 8-th June and shall mark the grand opening of the festival's 53-rd edition. 

     A Bosnian soldier and a Serbian one, engaged in a fierce and bloody ethnic conflict, are torn by deadly hatred. Still, they speak the same language, know the same people, watch the same football matches and the same films. A third soldier is trapped on top of a mine and his slightest movement will cause an explosion that will kill all three. They are in no man's land. The two enemies are forced to seek help from the United Nations, as neither of the conflicting sides wishes to enter the area in fear of an ambush. A UN executive agrees to bring a sapper to the location. Are those men at war with each other or have they fallen victims of a cynical media PR? The enemy is you, only the name is different. 

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