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Morfov receives the MNT Fest award

     Last evening the opening of the MNT Fest in Skopje was held with the premiere of "No Man's Land". Morfov was awarded the prize of the festival held at the Macedonian national theatre. The award is given each year to authors, directors or institutions for their contribution to the field of theatre. Alexander Morfov is the IV-th person to receive it "for his exceptional aesthetical achievements in theatre". 

     In its announcement the Macedonian National Theatre underlines that Morfov is among the most influential names in European theatre, him being assessed by the critics as a visionary of the modern theatrical times and an author who experiments and discovers new working methods and means of acting expression in each of his productions.

     "His stage aesthetics is original and based on an epic foundation. The huge number of awards and prizes also testifies his high achievements." - adds MNT. 

     The first performance of "No Man's Land" earned a five-minute applause by the hall. 

Dejan Proykovsky, managing director of MNT, awarding the honorary plaque to Alexander Morfov

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