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"Life Is Beautiful" staged at MNT to open the 18th edition of the Monodrama Festival - Bitola 

       The 18th edition of the Monodrama Festival - Bitola, opens this evening. Morfov's latest production "Life is Beautiful" staged at the Macedonian National Theatre is to be presented at the Centre for Culture in Bitola, starting at 20:00 h. 

     The festival will continue for a week and will present 17 productions. In the main programme of the festival 13 monodrama productions will compete for the First prize. 

     "This festival celebrates actors and art. We are happy to have here many actors from Macedonia because there were previous editions in which we've only had one local production." - says Borche Dimitrovsky, artistic director of the Centre for Culture in Bitola. 

     "All productions are of high artistic quality. This years' programme presents classical plays by world playwrights. The monodrama productions are based on Dostoevsky, Gogol, Mark Twain, Dario Fo." - admits the selection manager of the Festival, Petar Mirchevsky. 


       "Life Is Beautiful" opened less than a month ago at the Macedonian National Theatre and this is the first time it will be presented in tour. 

     "The production works on a number of layers. What's shocking about it is that with each minute passing it makes you happier and happier, but at the end of it - you are both very happy and very sad. Because that's how life is. Alexander Morfov is among the renowned European directors and in this production he presents his original aesthetics. This production fulfills a long time dream and is pivotal event in terms of the Macedonian National Theatre's search for artistic challenges."

~ Dejan Projkovsky, managing director of MNT



More about the production here. 

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