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Alexander Morfov nominated for the award Enlightenment Leader of the Year 2017 

     This year's nominations for the annual award Enlightment Leader of the Year were published. The initiative is focused on drawing attention to people who have created a work or done an act of high social value and significance which has a powerful moral message and an extensive public contribution. The award was inspired by Iva Doychinova, journalist, who is also a member of this year's jury along with prof. Ognyan Gerdzhikov, lawyer and former Prime Minister, representatives of non-governmental and media sector. 

     Alexander Morfov is among the eleven nominees receiving the honor due to his continuing engagement and moral reactions to social injustice as well as due to the success of his production "Exiles". The show has an impressive life with more than 10 years on stage, more than 250 performances and more than 200,000 viewers. It has, therefore, proved to be an exclusive event in modern  Bulgarian theatre, a positive example of a theatre production which

Alexander Morfov and Roussi Chanev

at the 250-th anniversary performance of "Exiles"

inspires viewers of all ages, survives all changes of spirit, bears an original "signature" and has become a landmark for Bulgaria's theatre life. This production, created by Alexander Morfov and his team, has an undisputable artistic value and employs aspiring means of expression. 

     The ceremony will be held on 1st November - the National Day of Enlightment Leaders. The initiative is hosted by Radio FM+ and the Bulgarian National Television. 

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