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National Theatre of Romania goes live from the stage of "No Man's Land"

     Tonight for the first time the I. L. Caragiale Theatre will go live from the stage on Facebook. The ending of the production "No Man's Land", Morfov's latest staging there, will be accessible in real time on the page of the theatre

     This month the theatre is also celebrating Morfov's works on its stage with a special De 3 x Morfov la TNB! event with the shows: 

     - No Man's Land: 3 and 19 February, Sala Studio; 

     - The Tempest: 4 and 5 February, Main stage; and 

     - The Visit: 23 February, Main stage. 

     "I really like the three productions that the Bulgarian director Alexander Morfov staged in the recent five years," - shares the actor Mihai Calin for Adevarul, "I find his work deeply human and talented."     

Tickets are available here or on the website of the theatre. 

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