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Romanian National Theatre presents "The Visit of the Old Lady"

     "The Visit of the Old Lady" which premiered on the stage of I. L. Caragiale National Theatre of Romania has been among the celebrated titles on the theatre's repertory since. With a lapse of one theatre season the production is back with planned performances on 6-th and 7-th January. Tickets are available for sale at Caragiale's website

     One of the most significant playwrights in the world, Friedrich Dürrenmatt, and a play that became a classic. The choice of text to raises problems that, in our modern times, are more acute than ever - justice for money, prostitution (of the heart), unforgettable and unforgiven love, the freedom of women's choice, truckling as a form of social and financial progress. Can one million dollars buy the moral dignity of an entire city? A text about humanity reduced to the scale of a modest provincial market, a satire about implacable mores which make it impossible to distinguish between alleged victims and alleged executioners. A mix of outrageous comedy and drama built on an inconvenient question: what is the price of our conscience - loads of money or, maybe, just a few bucks? 

A woman in her sixties returns to the town where she spent her childhood years. She is now worth billions of dollars as she succeeded in building a fortune after leaving the place to become a prostitute. An obviously difficult life has brought her to a decision - she would donate some serious money to the town that is having difficulties in return of a murder. She wants her former lover - Alfred, killed. If the townsmen agree to such an act she is willing to donate two equal sums of half a million - one for the municipality and one to be shared among the households. Her argument is that years ago, before she moved from the place, she was the losing party in a paternity lawsuit between her and Alfred due to Alfred's paying to false witnesses. The consequence for her was having to leave and falling into a life of forced prostitution.

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