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A theatre lightning just stroke the same place twice: 

Dassous Theatro, 5 & 6 July, "The Tempest", I. L. Caragiale National Theatre of Romania

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

(c) Florin Ghioca/ TNB 

     "The audience was silenced by the impressive set design upon entrance in the venue and distracted the actors with neither phones, nor snacks. [...] Prospero's world was brought to live by the breeze from the see behind the stage." - writes TNB in its blog

     "Of course I'm excited! It's every time, before each show. It's a virus, inexplicable, even after 25 years of working in theatre each time is like my first time." - admits Morfov shortly before the rehearsal begins. 

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