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Role: Dimi, magician

Journey to Jerusalem, Dimi

Director: Ivan Nichev

Scriptwriter: Yuriy Dachev  

Cameraman: Georgi Nikolov  

Composer: Stefan Dimitrov  

Cast: Alexander Morfov,  Elena Petrova, Vasil Vasilev - Zueka, Tatyana Lolova, Georgi Roussev, Renny Vrangova, Hristo Garbov, Kitodar Todorov, Nikolay Urumov, Diyan Machev  

Producer: ARD, BNT, Cinemascope, Euroimages, NFC, Saxonia MFP 

Premiere: 12 March 2004

Duration: 110 min. 

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       Two German-Jewish children flee Nazi Germany in the early 1940s and try to escape to Palestine via Bulgaria. When their uncle dies during the journey, they are taken in by a troupe of travelling performers. Dimi, the talented magician, and his girlfirend have a fiery relationship, where Sammy is the third wheel. Dimi considers the life of a travelling artist the only chance for them to have any financial support, while Zaruchie wants to settle down and start a family. This need almost makes her leave  the troupe and resort to a marriage with a childhood friend. Eventually, she realises that the only way for her to be happy is to go back to Dimi and share his destiny. They successfully send the children on a ship to Jerusalem and continue their life together.