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Role: Cameo appearance, The Baron 

Director and scriptwriter: Ivan Nichev

Cameraman: Georgi Nikolov 

Composer: Bozhidar Petkov 

Cast:  Kliment Chorbadzhiev, Simeon Savov, Monika Budyonova, Tomina Lazova, Borislav Chuchkov, Ivan Trichkov, Maria Statulova, Andrei Andreev, Maria Naidenova, Hristo Garbov, Mariana Krumova, Silvia Vargova, Filip Trifonov, Ivan Grigorov, Valentin Ganev, Alexander Morfov, etc. 

Producer: Boyana Studio, Bulgarian Cinematography, Team "64"

Premiere: 27 February 1989 

Duration: 80 min. 

       The year is 1952. The time of childhood and first love shivers for the leading characters - Ivan and Alexandra. The girl's father is arrested for high treason. This unleashes a whole series of consequences for his daughter and one of these consequences is her being excluded from the Komsomol organisation. Ivan is the only one who, in the name of love, stives to understand her and help her. This period not only leaves painful scars in their souls but also distorts the children's personalities. 


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