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Authors: Ilian Simeonov, Emil Tonev, Plamen Panev, Tsvetodar Markov 

Cameraman: Ivan Varimezov 

Composer: Theodosii Spassov 

Their ideas shared: Plamen Panev, Kolyo Karamfilov, Marius Kurkinsky, Ayman Ahmed, Borislav Stoilov, Vladimir Shishkov, Petar Zmiycharov, Alexander Morfov, Zlatin Radev, Lyuben Chatalov, Madlen Cholakova, Nikolay Tanev, Georgi Anastasov, Tsvetodar Markov, Vladimir Velev, Rosen Markovsky, Nevena Delinska, Marina Chamurkova, Emil Tonev, Ilian Simeonov 

Producer: Blazo Nikolic

       Sand castles in the land of tragic miracles:

      The spirit, the self-esteem and the power of a nation is a result from its culture. And vice versa. In this movie you will see only a small part of those who should be creating this culture - the generation in their thirties. Today they are deprived of the opportunity to work for Bulgaria. And now, it already doesn't matter whose fault it is. (1997)


       OK now, let's light a cigarette and get started. I have an idea that will hardly ever be brought to reality because, on one hand, it's expensive, and on the other - there's noone to believe you in this bloody country and give you money so that you can make something that inspires you. It's a film. In a village, hundreds of years back in time, with its traditions and elders. The story begins with a neverending rain, it has been raining for days on end. Days grow into months and noone is able to leave his home. There are random breaks for an hour or two and then the rain continues. One of the housewives visits one day the grave of her husband who passed away 9 years ago. I had even written in the screenplay that she goes to the grave to share with him about the new rakia they produced. She knows he is vexed because he can't rise and take a gulp but it's exactly the rakia that killed him. And the whores. And that's why they cut his leg and they hung his testicles in the local pub for days to dangle. But suddenly, while talking, she is surprised to see that her husband's head is jutting out of the ground. The graveyard is on a slope and the continuing rain has washed off the soil that covers the highest graves so that the man's skull is now in the open air. She immediately starts for the village and gathers all the elders. On the following day everyone is there to see for himself and they all start thinking of a way out of this situation - a dead man's head is above the ground. So they officially decide to dig him out and bury him again at the lowest point of the graveyard. They hold a ceremony and use the occasion to get drunk. Life goes on but the rain doesn't stop. In a few days it turns out other heads are rising above the ground. The same decision is taken - all those bodies whose heads are shown are dug out and buried at the lowest area of the graveyard.

Sasho Morfov's idea, episode I 


Premiere: 1997  

Duration: 54 min.