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Role: Cameo appearance, thief - recidivist 

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Director: Nedelcho Chernev 

Scriptwriter: Lilyana Mihailova 

Cameraman: Emil Wagenstein 

Composer: Petar Stupel 

Cast: Emilia Radeva, Kosta Conev, Maria Kavardzhikova, Georgi Novakov, Elzhana Popova, Elly Skorcheva, Valentin Gadzhokov, Stefan Danailov, Svetozar Nedelchev, Nevena Kokanova, Georgi Kaloyanchev, Marius Donkin, Alexander Morfov, etc. 

Producer:  BNT, Boyana film 

Premiere: 10 May 1987 

     A family saga about the relations between fathers and sons, social relations, revealed through daily problems, joys and worries of Hristo Aldanov's big family in the years of the fall of the Berlin wall. 

     There is hardly a quiet day in the family - the interests of different generations differ as well, life changes and there is nothing to bring them together, not even a new home for all.

     The TV series depict the everyday life and the changes it brings - wanted, unexpected and fateful - to the life of the Aldanov family members in a small town nearby the capital. 


Duration: 5 series x 63 min. 

Appearance: season 2 - Time to Travel, episode 3 - Debts

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