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Roussi Chanev as Strandzhata, episode 3 

Director: Alexander Morfov 

Scriptwriter: Alexander Morfov, Roussi Chanev, Ilian Simeonov

Cameraman: Dimitar Gochev, Alexander Stanishev 

Composer: Martin Lyubenov 

Cast: Valery Jordanov, Valentin Ganev, Petar Popyordanov, Roussi Chanev, Renny Vrangova, Valentin Tanev, Deyan Donkov, Hristo Mutafchiev, Plamen Peev, Evgeni Budinov, Darin Angelov, Deyan Angelov, Daniel Angelov, Nikolay Urumov, Stoyan Alexiev, Filip Avramov, Teodor Elmazov, Kiryakos Argiropulos, Dimitar Rachkov, Albena Koleva, Olga Nedyalkova, Sara Morfova, etc.

Producer: Bulgarian National Television 

Duration: 4 series x 50 min.

       After the success of the theatre production "Exiles" (2004) for the celebration of the 100-th anniversary of the National, Morfov decided to make a TV series version. It is an adaptation of Ivan Vazov's novel "Homeless and Friendless". A group of Bulgarian rebels are organising a revolution for the liberation of Bulgaria. They all leave for Braila, Romania, believing that in a free country the organisation will be more effective and will give them a chance to faster collect money to finance their revolution. They stage a theatre show to gain income from ticket sale but eventually drink all the money down at the inn and cover existing debts. Life abroad is hard, the severe winter conditions are hard to live through, but all of the exiles are determined to sacrifice their life, if needed, for a liberated Bulgaria. When the time of the revolution comes they enter into fight devotedly. On the verge of losing the battle, a military order to seize fire is received at the Bulgarian camp. All of them refuse to obey the order and rush into a certain death. 


Premiere: 2009 

IMDB: click here 


Episode 1                                                   Episode 2                                                  Episode 3                                                  Episode 4 













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