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Director and scriptwriter: Alexander Morfov

Cameraman: Dimitar Gochev

Cast: Samuel Finzi, Roussi Chanev, Krastyo Lafazanov, Vassil Vassilev - Zueka, Plamen Peev, Renny Vrangova, Nikolay Urumov, Hristo Garbov, Zlatina Todeva, Teodor Elmazov, Valentin Tanev, Alexander Morfov, Velizar Binev 

Producer: Bulgarian National Television, Dimitar Gochev, FX Camera 

Premiere: 23 October 2002 

Duration: 108 min. 

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       Presented as a comedy, "Blueberry Hill" successfully comments the adventures of a man outside of his comfort zone, left alone in a foreign country who is eventually drawn into the traditions and, therefore, tragedies of the local people. 

       A young man is in a hurry to spend the New Year's Eve in Istanbul but changes flight in Sofia. Due to expected snow storm his flight is postponed and he searches for other means of transportation. When he enters the train he finds himself in a rainbow of characters. A sudden incident leaves him in the middle of nowhere. He starts to find any civilised town to make a phonecall and runs into a family, living on top of train rails, a village wedding, a girl that falls in love with him, a travelling orchestra, etc. He cannot help but be amazed by the rich experience that his unplanned journey offers. 

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